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“Before [this change], a refugee got better health care coverage than the 30 million Canadians, so our decision is to continue with the services to refugees that it will be the same to all Canadians.” Minister of Health Leona Aglukkaq

Minister Aglukkaq continues to reveal a Canada disturbingly unlike the country I thought I lived in - a Canada in which the Arctic experiences no food insecurity because everyone hunts every day; First Nations and Inuit have no pressing issues, despite the highest mortality and suicide rates in Canada; and dismantling health and safety standards improves health outcomes. In this alternate Canada, we are told, refugees are getting better health care than us real Canadians.

Back in the dark days when I toiled in durance vile under Mr. Mulroney, I was called on to develop “talking points” to explain why crippling cuts to women’s programs were actually intended to strengthen women’s rights and well being in Canada. You youngsters may find this amusing, but it actually was thought at the time that the government was under some obligation to base its policies on what we used to call “facts”, and to provide these “facts” to media and the public to review and weigh against government decisions.

What a charming memory. The current government, of course, has made its indifference to “facts” quite clear. No longer do suffering PM-4s buried deep within the PMO labour to distill bogus statistics to support Ministers’ apparently insane assertions. LIke the Bizarro World occupied by the American Tea Party, the Harperverse is an alternative plane of being where “facts” are a kind of inconvenient litter, small boli of unfriendly reality excreted by atheists, communists and homosexuals to confuse the innocent and deflect the righteous in their pursuit of a Higher Truthiness.

Still, there is part of me that wonders whether or not Aglukkaq, Toevs, Kenney and the other acolytes who have endorsed this and other absurdities actually have any justification for what, on the face of it, is a bald-faced lie. I can’t find any rationale, and I’ve been looking. I would hate to believe that a naked appeal to greed and xenophobia has now become the official engine of state policy. Can any of our good conservative readers point me toward whatever factoid is being exploited to justify this apparent bullshit?

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