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Whew! Don’t mess with Free Dominion’s “progressive” allies.

From accusing me of sexism because the person I recently criticized very incidentally happens to be a woman, to this latest flourish, Connie Fournier’s “good friends” are showing their teeth. And, ironically, they’re complaining at the same time about the “hive mind” mentality.


Before our very eyes we are seeing how cults develop—a bit like being present a few nanoseconds after the Big Bang.

UPDATE: Good grief, they’re still at it:

Dawg is very much the aggressor here, both initially in the case in question and in his behaviour towards me and DJ! since.

Defaming me is “non-aggression” in the cultish universe of Fern Hill. At least, during this otherwise pointless discussion, we have finally grasped the true nature of her politics and values.

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