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Cozy racist assumptions

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One Conservative gives another the high-five.

I agree w/ Mayor Ford: foreign gangsters should be deported w/out delay. That’s why we’ve introduced Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act

That would, of course, be Jason Kenney.

Mayor Rob Ford issued a clarification of his earlier remarks on the Danzig Street shootings, one that utterly fails to clarify his original point, which was clear enough on its own:

Mayor Rob Ford says he will ask the prime minister to look at using “immigration laws” to banish people convicted of gun crimes from Toronto.

Ford first made the unusual banishment proposal in a CP24 interview on Wednesday afternoon. In that interview, he did not make it clear whether he was seeking legislative reform or merely asking convicts to voluntarily leave town.

In a second interview on Wednesday evening, he indicated that he wants changes in federal law. Asked by AM640’s Arlene Bynon how convicts could be kept from living here, he said: “I don’t know, and that’s what I’m going to sit down with the prime minister and find out, how our immigration laws work. Obviously I have an idea, but whatever I can do to get ‘em out of the city I’m going to. Regardless of if they have family or friends, I don’t want these people, if they’re convicted of a gun crime, to have anything to do with the city of Toronto.” [emphasis added]

That meeting with Stephen Harper is in the works.

Police have made one arrest so far. The man’s citizenship status is not, so far, a matter of public record.

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