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Drunken two-time killer given house arrest

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That would be the now ex-Corporal Benjamin “Monty” Robinson of the RCMP.

Robinson was one of the four officers who killed Robert Dziekanski in the Vancouver airport on October 14, 2007. After exhaustive probes, rainstorms through which police officers always manage to dance without getting wet, the most he is facing in that case is…a perjury charge.

Subsequently, a drunken Robinson ran down a motorcyclist, left his victim in the road to die, and ran home to gulp down some vodka to thwart the inevitable breathalyzer. I wrote about this more than three years ago, before he was actually charged with obstructing justice, but after he had unsuccessfully appealed a licence suspension for the incident.

Robinson continues to stay nice and dry in the thunderstorm. A judge has just sentenced him to a short period of house arrest for the obstruction of justice rap.

I share journalist Ian Mulgrew’s disgust at this wrist-slap. And there is an element of the sentencing, mentioned in his article, that deserves closer scrutiny.

Apparently one factor in the lighter-than-air penalty was Robinson’s Aboriginal status. As Mulgrew points out:

[Justice Janet Dillon’s] reasoning misconstrued Parliament’s intent when it amended the Criminal Code to provide more justice for first nations offenders.

Lawmakers weren’t out to give a racial discount on sentencing.

The restorative goals of that law should not apply here — Robinson, a member of the prosperous Osoyoos band, was not the victim of systemic racism or neglect; he was not disenfranchised, marginalized, impoverished, oppressed or disadvantaged.

Justice Dillon gave someone a break who didn’t deserve it.

Precisely. As a full member of the wider society, Robinson should have been judged by the same legal standards as anyone else. Possibly the most pernicious effect of Justice Dillon’s judgement, in fact, will be to bring that essential restorative justice provision into disrepute. Just watch the Aboriginal-hating Right take full advantage of this appalling judicial lapse.

[H/t Ben Oliphant]

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