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Jason Kenney's idea of a "safe country"

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That would be Hungary, where the neo-Nazi Jobbik party is the third-largest party in parliament, with 47 seats. A country that Immigration Minister Jason Kenney believes is “safe,” and whose fleeing minority are bogus refugee claimants.

Hungarian Roma are, in fact, being routinely terrorized and murdered. A comprehensive study from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights may be found here—check out Appendix 1, pp55ff—a catalogue of racist incidents and implicit police complicity, 2008-9.

But Roma aren’t the only target.

In the news recently we heard of the arrest of a sadistic Nazi war criminal named Laszlo Csatary who had, in the natural course of events, taken out Canadian citizenship:

Hungarian Laszlo Csatary’s role as a police officer and chief of an internment camp from where 12,000 Jews were deported to their deaths in Auschwitz and other Nazi death camps is amply documented and there are strong witness statements about his brutality….

Authorities charged Csatary last week with “unlawful torture of human beings,” accusing him of being present in 1944 when trains bound for death camps were loaded and sent on their way, regularly using a dog whip to strike detainees and in one case refusing to cut holes in a train car to allow people to breathe….

…Csatary was convicted in absentia for war crimes in Czechoslovakia in 1948 and sentenced to death. He arrived in Nova Scotia the following year, became a Canadian citizen in 1955 and worked as an art dealer in Montreal.

Things got hot for him here, and in 1997 he took off for parts unknown, which turned out to be Budapest, a place congenial enough to permit him to live quite openly and comfortably. But thanks to the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, he was discovered—last year!—and last week, after protests outside his house, he was finally placed under arrest.

Pressure is now mounting on Hungarian prosecutors to take action. In a statement issued on Monday, the prosecution said that investigating was complex because the crimes were committed long ago and in another country.

Yes, yes, “and besides, the wench is dead.”

Besides the problem of oddly reluctant prosecutors, Csatary has attracted allies. Via Harry’s Place, we learn that a neo-Nazi website is offering a reward for information on the identity of the protesters who demonstrated in front of Csatary’s home and effectively forced his arrest.

Thanks again to Harry, we learn that the website content is locally generated, despite a disingenuous diversion by the current Prime Minister of Hungary:

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán recently responded to [a] US congressman who complained about antisemitism in Hungary by asking for their help in shutting down Kuruc.info, which he said operates from an American server.

Hungarian Spectrum blogger Dr. Eva S. Balogh writes:

The truth is that the website to which Orbán is referring to is being produced in Budapest. The editors and correspondents are most likely all well known to the national security officers. The editor-in-chief according to rumor is a Jobbik member of parliament. The only thing the Hungarian police would have to do is to arrest the editors of the online paper. There is plenty of legal justification to do so. But neither the earlier governments nor this one has the guts or the will to do something.

Complicity, political and moral corruption, festering anti-Semitism. It would be interesting to watch Minister Kenney’s gyrations were this all to become better known.

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