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QOTW: Dean Del Mastro

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And that’s plural, by the way. Let’s begin:

“If (Elections Canada) wants to come to Peterborough to interview me, I’d be happy to do so,” he said. “I can’t clear my name through a cautioned statement.”

But, we assume, he could do just that if he weren’t effectively under oath and could say anything he liked.

On to the stylish volte-face:

While Del Mastro told The [Peterborough] Examiner weeks ago that he would release documents proving his innocence, he has not done so, and said again Wednesday that he wouldn’t.

Nor should what’s on the public record be available to the public. This fellow has obviously spent too much of his life in camera:

He was critical of what he called “leaked documents,” although court filings are available to the public, and said that’s the real issue, not any allegations against him and his campaign.

Then we’re told how unfair it is that the target of an investigation isn’t forewarned, especially someone as important as himself:

Del Mastro has repeatedly said he doesn’t understand why Elections Canada didn’t talk to him during its investigation. On Wednesday, he said he shouldn’t have to be put through this experience, as he’s a member of Parliament.

“I’m not the average person on the street,” he said. “I’m elected by the people of this riding to represent them.”

And finally:

…He said he worried that this could happen to other MPs. “They could be next,” he said.

—which perhaps tells us more than he intended to reveal about the possible outcome of the current Roboscam-and-related-misdeeds investigation. “Next!” indeed.

Ever get the idea that we followers of current events are watching a cartoon sometimes?

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