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Rob Ford, the anti-mayor

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It’s perhaps unfair to juxtapose this with this, but it’s not as though gang violence in Toronto just sprang into being. It’s a sterling example, in fact, of the antics of a “mayor” who, instead of managing a city, lives inside a closed delusional system.

The man is not “colourful” like Mel Lastman, whose frequent gaffes were forgiven because he was an affable but hard-headed chap who presided over a Toronto fast becoming internationally recognized for high culture and entertainment; or like Ottawa’s legendary Charlotte Whitton, whose anti-Semitism has since overshadowed her quirky charm in office.

Ford—and perhaps we should be grateful for this—is sui generis. What you see is what you get—a florid-faced, blustering bully of very little brain and less imagination, voted in by legions of SUN-reading dolts known as Ford Nation, with the able assistance of Nick Kouvalis—a name to conjure with.

The mayor of Toronto is not merely an embarrassment. He damages Toronto with nearly every breath he takes. Standing in lone opposition to free money to help with the city’s perennial gang problems is just more vintage Ford.

How did Toronto pass so effortlessly into its political second childhood? How did it manage to put a man in office who seems dedicated to destroying the very city that he was elected to serve? Go ask Ford Nation—if you can tear them away from their copies of the SUN.

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