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The Pantsafire Chronicles: Jason Kenney

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Not only does Immigration Minister Jason Kenney continue to lie about the effects of his cuts to refugee medical care, he wants you to thank him for it.

If it weren’t for the possibly fatal effects of his scheme, we might all share a good laugh. Self-thanking? What narcissism! Where does he get it from?


Well, moving smartly along, here’s a round-up of articles on the move. Refugee claimants (other than those admitted as government-assisted refugees to become permanent residents, a sudden backtrack, er, “clarification” made on June 29), will be losing coverage for prescription drugs, for insulin, for heart medication and other medical services.

OK, what’s the lie? This: the cuts are being made, Kenney claims, so that the refugees will not be getting more benefits than Canadian citizens. But indigent Canadians—and most refugees arrive here with little more than the clothes on their backs—receive all the benefits now being denied the refugees.

Don’t take my word for it. Here is the government website, explaining what the supplemental package of services includes:

This package provides coverage that is similar to the coverage Canadians receive through their provincial/territorial health insurance plans, until the beneficiary becomes eligible for provincial or territorial health insurance. With this coverage, beneficiaries will be covered if they need medical attention for a disease, symptom, complaint or injury, including:

hospital services;
services of a doctor or registered nurse; and
laboratory, diagnostic and ambulance services.

In addition, this package also covers the cost of certain supplemental health-care products and services while the individual continues to receive governmental resettlement assistance in the form of income support through RAP or the equivalent in Quebec, or is under private sponsorship(in most cases, one year). Examples include:

prescribed medications and other pharmacy products;
limited dental and vision care;
prosthetics and devices to assist mobility; and
home care and long-term care. psychological counselling provided by a registered clinical psychologist
post-arrival health assessments

The level of coverage provided through the IFHP [Interim Federal Health Program] for these benefits is similar to the level of coverage which may be provided by provincial and territorial governments to Canadians receiving social assistance.

It is precisely this coverage that has now been cut off, literally putting lives at risk.

Some in the medical profession take their duties and responsibilities seriously enough to continue protesting. So should we all.

[H/t Bill S. b/c]

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