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But if you have an Iranian name, don’t bother trying to bank with Toronto-Dominion.

You are now a second-class citizen of Harperia. You may have fled the current Iranian regime looking for freedom, and never had contact with the country since. Doesn’t matter.

Have the wrong name, get your account closed. Your mortgage cancelled. Maybe lose your house.

The clownish ex-chairman of the now-defunct Rights and Democracy was on CBC today with a “tough noogies” message. To make sanctions work, innocent people may be hurt, he shrugged. Wonder what Aurel Braun, a former National VP of B’nai Brith, would be saying if this were happening to Canadians with Jewish names?

Or Japanese names, come to think of it?

Indeed, CBC, Iranian-Canadians are “fuming.” You bet they’re “crying foul.” And so should every decent citizen in this country.

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