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Assange: the UK's vile hypocrisy

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Augusto Pinochet’s Chile:

For women, it was an especially violent experience. The commission reports that nearly every female prisoner was the victim of repeated rape. The perpetration of this crime took many forms, from military men raping women themselves to the use of foreign objects on victims. Numerous women (and men) report spiders or live rats being implanted into their orifices. One woman wrote, “I was raped and sexually assaulted with trained dogs and with live rats. They forced me to have sex with my father and brother who were also detained. I also had to listen to my father and brother being tortured.” Her experiences were mirrored by those of many other women who told their stories to the commission.

But the UK refused to extradite Pinochet.

Julian Assange’s alleged crimes don’t even register on the metric that Pinochet established. But look at the British government’s fury when Ecuador took him in.

Odd little contrast, isn’t it? Still think the international hue-and-cry is all about a couple of sexual assault charges?

[Big h/t to CathiefromCanada]

UPDATE: (August 23) Shifting stories from the Swedish prosecution. Is law at issue—or prestige?

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