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Attawapiskat housing: Minister John Duncan's vindictiveness

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The other day a pretty good judgement came down on the mishandling of the Attawapiskat situation by the Department of Aboriginal Affairs. As I noted at the time, however, the blame for the mess was laid on senior bureaucrats, effectively letting Stephen Harper and his feckless Minister of Aboriginal Affairs off the hook. We were expected to believe that both the PM and his Minister were in thrall to departmental officials, just regurgitating talking points sent up the line.

Nonsense, of course. And now we have further proof that the decisions to drop the hammer on Attawapiskat were political all along. Minister John Duncan has just cost the Attawapiskat First Nation a Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation grant to deal with the housing crisis on the reserve:

Acting Chief Christine Kataquapit said an application to Canada’s national housing agency for help financing the construction of 30 houses in Attawapiskat was not approved because Duncan refused to sign off on an agreement between Attawapiskat and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC).

And Kataquapit said the letter from CMHC ruling out financial support for the housing plan was written Aug. 2, a day after a federal court judge gave the Harper government a black eye over its decision to send a third-party manager into Attawapiskat last year. [emphasis added]

The Great White Father is displeased. This being Canada, he didn’t dispatch the cavalry to deal with the pesky redskins: keeping them living in misery for speaking up and speaking out is the Canadian way.

[By the way, Toronto Star, kudos for the coverage, but small-n “natives?” A little behind the times, methinks.]

[H/t Everett Coldwell]

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