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Our racialized society

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Can’t have an Asian woman on one of our Canadian banknotes.

The linked article is fascinating, as well as depressing:

“Some have concerns that the researcher appears to be Asian,” says a 2009 report commissioned by the bank from The Strategic Counsel, obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act.

“Some believe that it presents a stereotype of Asians excelling in technology and/or the sciences. Others feel that an Asian should not be the only ethnicity represented on the banknotes. Other ethnicities should also be shown.”

After all, in a spirit of inclusiveness, if one Other is to be depicted, all the other Others need to be as well. Then this consummate irony:

A few even said the yellow-brown colour of the $100 banknote reinforced the perception the woman was Asian, and “racialized” the note.

And my favourite bit, the part that really sums up the whole matter:

The bank immediately ordered the image redrawn, imposing a “neutral” ethnicity for the woman scientist who, now stripped of her “Asian” features, appears on the circulating note. Her light features appear to be Caucasian.

“Neutral ethnicity” = “Caucasian.” Good grief.

[H/t Will]

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