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Cringeworthy liberal ego-tripping

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Chick-fil-A wouldn’t exactly be on my top ten fast-food outlets—give me Taco Bell anytime, a fingernail of the PepsiCo empire, whose overlady is the relatively progressive Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi. Neither Only the latter exists in Canada, though, so my slacktivism is no doubt showing. Nevertheless, when I infrequently venture into fast-food joints, I prefer not to sit in the midst of a crowd of flag-waving bigots.

But, friends and comrades, try to take in more than a few seconds of the video above. I couldn’t bear it. What kind of person would film himself berating a minimum-wage worker because he disapproves of the owners? And upload it to YouTube in a “what a clever fellow am I” gesture?

Firing him was off-the-wall, mind you—he was being a dick on his own time, and was only outed after the ‘netcops got to work. But I can’t work up enormous sympathy for a fellow who imposes his smug world-view on a vulnerable worker and then discovers the hard way that he, at the top of the corporate food chain, is vulnerable too.

[H/t Joe.My.God]

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