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The deployment of 500 Canadian monitors to Ukraine to help supervise elections there deserves a better defence than the one just offered by the Toronto Star.

The case almost makes itself, in fact. But the Star can’t help adding this gratuitous flourish:

There was a silly sideshow this week when Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced the observers in Etobicoke Lakeshore riding. Boris Wrzesnewskyj, a former Liberal MP who is contesting suspected voting irregularities in adjacent Etobicoke Centre, suggested it was “ironic” for Canada to monitor voting in Ukraine when there are question marks about the outcome locally.

He should drop it. Anyone who compares glitches in Canada’s voting system to the sad deterioration of democracy in Ukraine hasn’t been paying attention. [emphasis added]

“Glitches?” More than two hundred ridings affected by electoral fraud last year? A toothless, secretive and neutered investigative body, Elections Canada, still working on the 2008 election?

By all means, let’s ship our observers off to Eastern Europe. But we should be demanding fair exchange: in 2015, let Ukraine send us a few hundred election monitors of their own. As the Star says, democracy is indeed a fragile thing. And we should know.

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