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The naked savagery of Amerika

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After today, there is little more to be said about that appalling country. Let’s hear no more garbage—ever again—about its alleged civilizing influence on the world, its endless wars ostensibly waged to spread democracy and human rights.

It’s all a lie. You have torn off your own mask, Amerika. Your judicial murder of a man with an IQ of 61—sanctified in your highest court by a “Justice” who believes that executing innocent people is perfectly Constitutional—sums up in one despicable act why no one anywhere in the world should ever again take your bogus appeals to humane values seriously.

You stand before the world tonight and forever as a barbarous, hateful, murderous nation. The mass-murders that you continue to generate here meet their institutional counterpart: not a check, but an ally. You have nothing to say, not a word, to any of us who retain the sense of decency that you have so flagrantly abandoned. Nothing, nothing at all, Amerika, can wipe the blood of Marvin Wilson off your diseased hands.

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