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Anti-Roma update: Bernie Farber and the Usual Suspects™

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My occasional sparring partner Bernie Farber, former president of the Canadian Jewish Congress, cracked the cone of media silence today with a piece in the National Post about Ezra Levant’s recent slobber of anti-Roma hate.

On this issue, Farber and his colleagues are spot on:

The Jewish community understands where such hate can lead. The special bond Jews and Roma share was nowhere more evident than during the Holocaust, which Jews call the Shoah. Also targeted for extermination, the Roma had their own word for their attempted genocide: the Porajmos or “Devouring.” There is even a Roma proverb that speaks of Jews and Roma trudging to the gas chambers together, ande jekh than hamisajlo amaro vushar ande’l bova: “Our ashes are mingled in the ovens.”

If the Sun News Network had aired an attack on Jews, the whole country would be outraged. Yet we have seen little support for the Roma from other faith and ethno-cultural groups, politicians and community leaders in the wake of Levant’s on-air rant. Even the media has remained mysteriously silent. [emphasis added]

Well, the Media Club does clam up when one of their own gets into a jam. It took days and a huge groundswell of concern to move the so-called “MSM” to mention Margaret Wente’s recent troubles.

In any case, it seems pretty obvious that Levant crossed the line. Even SubTV appears to have recognized this, scrolling an apology over an Ezracast on September 17th. Levant himself has been uncharacteristically silent since his original video was quickly pulled from the SNN site.

Enter Farber, and a post to retrieve Levant’s diatribe from the media memory hole.

And, inevitably, the hate-grubs have already begun to wriggle. Bypassing Kathy Shaidle’s potty-mouthed screed, and her hubby’s lockstep position, Scaramouche (Mindy Alter) has much to say on the subject, having allegedly read “several books” (references not supplied) that prove Roma are all a gang of thieves.

Spewing anti-Roma venom is just how the 24/7 Islamophobes take their breaks, I guess. As the kids say, it must suck to be them.

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