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Hate speech and the silence of the media

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It’s been a week now since Ezra Levant, braving Section 319(2) of the Criminal Code, uttered his series of barbaric yawps against the Roma people on SubTV.

Since then, the offending clip has been memory-holed by SubTV, a link to it at Levant’s site has also disappeared, and Toronto’s Roma Communbity Centre has issued a statement deploring this slobber of hate.

And the corporate media, which spilled gallons of ink and pixels on the David Ahenakew affair, has remained utterly silent.

At this point, this can no longer be regarded as an oversight. Several of us have peppered journos on Twitter with questions and information.

Could it be that it’s simply safer in Canada to dress down an aboriginal person than a well-connected media personality? Is this an example of professional courtesy, a reluctance to criticize one of their own? Or could it be that the media share Levant’s prejudices, and are being silently complicit in his hateful campaign?

One way or another, Levant is getting a pass from his colleagues. And that’s nothing short of shameful.

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