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Is there nothing* that Obama can't do?

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Why, yes. He can’t travel forward in time and then back to denounce an attack that hasn’t yet occurred.

Romney’s reference to an “apology for America’s values” was directed at a statement the U.S. Embassy in Cairo put out on Tuesday morning, but that statement, which was itself responding to the outrage over the anti-Islamic film, was issued before the embassy was attacked, despite Romney’s statement to the contrary. What’s more, the statement does not apologize for America’s values, but rather supports a founding American value, religious tolerance, while referencing the “universal right of free speech.” [emphasis added]

If a majority of Americans votes for the brain-dead right-wing extremist Mitt Romney, they will deserve everything they get.

* Apologies for the atrocious grammar. Lifted, with satirical intent, from Kate McMillan of Small Dead Animals.

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