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RCMP oversteps its bounds--again

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Once again, the Horsemen are behaving like Stephen Harper’s Praetorian Guard. From throwing dissidents out of Conservative rallies and squelching pesky journalists, they have now turned their attention to protest in general, shutting it down under utterly false pretenses.

Newsflash, Mounties: “Maintiens le droit” does NOT mean “Maintain the (political) Right.”

High time for a Parliamentary inquiry into this morally and politically corrupt, out of control organization. The RCMP should be disbanded with all deliberate speed, and a national police force under a considerably restricted mandate should be built from the ground up—with an effective civilian review process in place.

In the meantime, the floor is open, Speech Warriors™. Surely SubTV is ablaze at this point?

UPDATE: Harper’s RCMP™ just can’t seem to get their lines straight. They didn’t order the plane down. Oh, wait, yes they did. Restricted airspace. Flying too low. Hate speech. Security in general.

Nice to see them wriggle and eel about, but the Mounties did get their way: the banner was suppressed. Criticism of Harper is slowly becoming illegal. Here’s hoping this story isn’t a one-day wonder.

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