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Royal Conservative Mounted Police on the job

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Desperate, no doubt, to protect us from foreign environmentalist influences, the RCMP is now targeting pro-environment visitors.

Here’s Norwegian Greenpeace environmentalist Martin Norman, on a trip to Alberta with some European bankers:

“The first time I went to Fort McMurray I checked into the hotel, went to get something to eat, and when I got back the card to open my hotel room didn’t work and there was a business card from the RCMP in the door saying ‘Please call us now.’ “

“They were quite friendly and asked for all kinds of details on why I was there. I was travelling with a group of Scandinavian investors and didn’t have anything to hide. What was weird was after I had said everything, they had a print out of an email with our program I had sent to some of the investors. I did not send it to the RCMP and neither did the investors but they got it somehow.”

Coming from Norway, how did this encounter with the RCMP make him feel? “I’ve been to other parts of the world where the police act differently but still I was very surprised. One of my colleagues from WWF (World Wildlife Federation) was very intimidated by this situation. The whole situation in Canada is very strange.”

Very strange indeed—and getting stranger. In Norway, Greenpeace gives an annual lecture to the national police academy. But we do things differently in Harperia.

[H/t Holly Stick]

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