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This time, the RCMP ejected a citizen from a conference—obviously one of those dangerous “radical environmentalists” Big Brother has been warning us about.

When we learned that the Prime Minister would be addressing corporate executives at an “Asia-Pacific Dialogue” we were eager for the chance to ask tough questions about whether or not his Government would continue to support a project that British Columbians have essentially rejected.

Unfortunately, although I paid the hefty admission fee and had a copy of my registration confirmation, I was denied entry. Given the reaction of the event staff to my registration papers - which clearly listed me as a representative of ForestEthics Advocacy - it’s hard to believe it was a technical glitch or registration problem, as they stated. I was immediately turned over to Harper’s RCMP security detail, who took my business cards and questioned me about ForestEthics Advocacy before escorting me out.

Does anyone now doubt that the Mounties have become little more than Harper’s political goon squad?

[H/t reader Holly Stick]

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