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Justin time?

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He’s in. “Meaty” speech a-comin’. And with him, should he prove successful, go the fortunes of that rusty, leaking old scow, the Liberal Party of Canada.

Would he be a captain at the helm or a figurehead on the bow?

Here is what appeared in a Globe & Mail editorial that was favourable to him:

With respect to the CV criticism, there is no doubt that Mr. Trudeau has a great deal to prove. It is fair to ask whether he has the stuff of leadership, especially during tumultuous economic times. But he should not be dismissed solely because he was a high school teacher rather than a lawyer. While there is such a thing as a degree in political science, there is no defined credential for politics. Most Canadian prime ministers have been lawyers, but then Alexander Mackenzie was a stonemason. Governing is not based on credentialism; if it were, Michael Ignatieff would occupy 24 Sussex Drive.

This red herring is a particularly ripe one. No one has been critical of Trudeau for not being a lawyer—if anything, that’s a point in his favour. We who follow these things are critical of him for having never uttered a word with any depth.

The editorial also states:

While some doors might initially be opened, or closed, because of his surname, ultimately Justin Trudeau will succeed or fail on his own merits, not on the basis of who his father is.

A truism, of course. But in the meantime it would be a good thing if the eternally optimistic and now moribund Liberals were to make that same distinction.

Look, Justin’s a nice guy, he beat up the Brazman, and he feels things that we progressives like to feel. But come on. A vote-attracting matinee idol he may be—but, along with the pretty face, this would-be Emperor is all clothes.

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