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Neo-Nazis, abroad and at home

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Even the Gestapo would have been disgusted by the sheer mindless, grunting savagery of Greece’s spanking new Golden Dawn party:

In a question to Parliament earlier this month, Golden Dawn MP Ilias Panayiotaros demanded that the ministry give numbers of immigrant children placed in kindergartens across the country.

Speaking at a party rally before the June elections he said that, “should Golden Dawn enter Parliament, it will carry out raids in hospitals and kindergartens so as to throw out all illegal immigrants and their children.” The party won 18 seats in the Parliament on an anti-immigrant platform and has been accused of assaulting them.

The Interior Ministry said it asked municipalities only for general statistical data and was not bending to the party’s demands, but the newspaper Kathimerini said that ministry officials had originally complied with Golden Dawn’s request as several schools across the country said they received documents from local authorities asking for information on foreign schoolchildren. A Cretan municipality reportedly turned down the request saying that, “We will not hand over data of infants to neo-Nazis who openly threaten them.”

Attacking nursery schoolchildren is about par for these manly Aryan warriors. And take note of the obvious state complicity in this obscenity.

Now Golden Dawn has set up a branch plant in Montreal. The deputy leader of this cell is Spiros Macrozonaris (that’s his Facebook page illustrated above). Nazi-schmazi, he scoffs. We just want to defend the “Greek race.”

No doubt because his group is Greek Orthodox, not Muslim, Golden Dawn (Montreal) has been spared any loose talk of terrorist organizations and the like. Expect Macrozonaris to debut on Ezra Levant’s The Source any day now.

(Not to be too meta here, but Golden Dawn exists to expel immigrants. Macrozonaris is an immigrant. Sauce for the goose? Save the Canadian race!)

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, neo-Nazi Kevin Goudreau, of Oshawa, has been making death threats.


Those with delicate sensibilities might want to skip the next paragraph or two.

Goudreau has been up to this latest nonsense since last May. Formal complaints have been made to the Oshawa police, to no avail. From a friend:

Mr. Goudreau now states the following in his latest online posts: 1) that he will be “on the run from killing Jews”
2) that as a result of being kicked off Facebook again, he threatens Mark Zuckerberg calling him a “dirty kike” and then saying “I will cut your jew nose off and shove it up your ass”
3) that he will give $10,000 to anyone who provides him with Zuckerberg’s address
4) that Zuckerberg and “every leftist f—— kike” are “dead for f—— with us”
5) that people should “grab a nigger and curb stop it today” [sic - note, curb stomping refers to the scene from movie American History X where a black male is forced to place his open mouth against a street curb and then has his teeth smashed in from being kicked in the back of the head]
6) threatens [redacted] stating “To [redacted] You’re on our hit list b——” accompanied by a link to the Youtube video for neo-Nazi band Platoon 14’s song “We’ve come for war”
- further, in a 3 Oct twitter post Goudreau states that [redacted] is on his ‘watch list’:
Kevin Goudreau WNF ‏@KevinGoudreau
[redacted] a Mossad agent living in Canada educated in Israel and US here to infiltrate and subvert our universities and police. On Watch list.

Last I heard, uttering direct death threats against individuals or groups is a criminal offence (s. 264.1 of the Criminal Code). But I am reliably informed that the Crown Attorney in the region is reluctant to proceed.

That, too, is state complicity.

See why some of us liked Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act? Ordinary citizens could get their complaints heard without trying to scale the major obstacles posed by police and the Crown.

The Harper government didn’t like that and got rid of it. The complaisant corporate media framed hate speech as “free speech,” and that was that. Hey, brayed the Speech Warriors™, you’ve still got the Criminal Code and the real courts.

Like hell we have.

[H/ts The Bookmistress and Canada Kat]

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