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Aubrey Levin, a “reparative therapy” physician who worked closely with the South African apartheid regime’s military to “cure” gays and lesbians (not to mention conscientious objectors), is now on trial in Canada—for a series of sexual assaults on gay patients.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Somehow this individual, nicknamed Dr. Shock in the good old days, was not only admitted to Canada after apartheid collapsed, but granted citizenship and permitted to re-establish his medical practice here.

In the natural course of events, his career took him to the University of Calgary, where he set up a practice in forensic psychiatry. But his patients, several of them inmates, began to complain, and the police finally charged him with numerous counts of sexual assault. His attempt to pull a Pinochet and have his lawyer argue unfitness to stand trial has been rejected.

So the trial goes ahead. We get from all this a bit of insight, perhaps, into the reasons that “reparative therapy” has been banned in California and repudiated by none other than Exodus International, the largest “ex-gay” organization in the US. It’s dangerous and hateful quackery—and the quacks who push it obviously demand closer inspection.


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