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Received and quoted in its entirety:

Hello also I think that it will be the unusual letter for. As on the Internet you gave me your address and only now I to use it. I do not know if your mail works but if suddenly you to be interested to learn each other is better you can answer. I the young beautiful girl from Azerbaijan and me 32 years. I wish to attach a photo but I do not know if you are adjusted seriously? Thanks Elmira

Dear Elmira,

I leave it to my friends and readers to determine if I am adjusted seriously. Some, I believe, imagine that this work remains to be undertaken.

I would love to respond right away, but I’m still attempting to obtain my share of a $10 million transfer from the widow of Charles Taylor. Taking the devil of a time to arrive.

Once that is safely in hand, I may well send you a more personal note. But could you clear up one matter first? Are you the 32-year-old, or the young beautiful girl from Azerbaijan?


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