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“In a Commons loaded with lightweights, Calgary West’s MP almost defies gravity.” —Don Martin

The question is not whether Rob Anders is a human nullity whose IQ barely registers on the dial, but why, this being self-evidently the case, he has been permitted to squat, grunt and snooze in the House of Commons for fifteen years, emitting occasional burps and bum-belches of hatred.

If ever there was proof that most voters vote for the party, not the individual candidate, this has to be it. Jokes about Alberta aside, no electorate can possibly be that doltish and bigoted. They merely vote for people who are.

The riding association? That’s a different story. It seems that Anders has a powerful protector, who has said, rightly in my opinion, that he is “a true Conservative.” Is Anders Mr. Hyde to Stephen Harper’s Dr. Jekyll?

[H/t teesock]

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