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The Pantsafire Chronicles: Rona Ambrose [updated]

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Stephen Harper’s Minister for the Oppression of Women, Rona Ambrose, is my latest addition to the pantheon, faking things up with panache and big hair.

Recall that her government specializes in simulacra. There was the infamous fake lake. The fake citizenship ceremony. The fake alibi for it. Fake election calls. A fake cockpit for a photo-op. Even fake MPs.

Now it’s a fake award.

Ambrose, fresh from voting against women’s rights in the House, announced to the world that she had received a UN Women Canada award, having the face, furthermore, to dedicate it to the heroic Afghan 14-year-old Malala Yousufzai:

Ambrose lie.jpg

Award? What award?

From UN Women Canada:

Please be advised that we have not presented any awards nor have we made any announcements of such. Our President, Ms Jiwani is presently in Paris advocating for girls and women. She was not aware of the Ms Ambrose’s announcement until late yesterday. I will forward your email to our PR member.

Rona, you’ve got some considerable ‘splaining to do, methinks.

[H/ts Canadian Cynic and Calgary Rabbit]

UPDATE: Kady O’Malley has a copy of a letter from UN Women Canada stating that an award will actually be given. The letter is dated June 18.

Note that a careful parsing of the initial response from UNWC reveals that they had merely made no announcement, or actually presented the award. Very subtly phrased—a non-denial denial.

I’m waiting for more news, but I think I know what’s on the menu shortly.

[H/t Jymn]

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