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My attention has been drawn to a three-year-old blogpost over at blogger Deb Gyapong’s place, a celebratory collocation of Canadian right-wingdom in all of its interlocking and frequently nutty splendour.

If we might fast-forward: Islamophobe Mark Steyn is presently being sued for defamation by renowned climate scientist Michael Mann, who objects to being publicly called a fraudster for some reason; National Post luminary Kevin Libin is being sued by the top-notch Canadian climate scientist Andrew Weaver for much the same reason; Ezra Levant was the respondent in a successful and lucrative defamation suit by Canadian Human Rights Commission counsel Giacomo Vigna, and is currently under investigation by the Toronto police for a 1930s-like hate broadcast against the Roma; defamer Kathy Shaidle is presently the respondent in a defamation lawsuit as well; and, why, there’s Nathan Jacobson, at that point not in jail, but convicted the year before of money-laundering; Conservative man-about-town Stephen Taylor is now a director of the far-right National Citizens Coalition, and the little soirée was also graced by the presence of Minister of Anti-Roma Affairs Jason Kenney, by all accounts Stephen Harper’s heir apparent.

Were that party to be repeated today, one might suspect Gyapong of running some sort of halfway house.

[H/t for the idea and the source to Canadian Cynic]

NOTE: Stephen Taylor and Jason Kenney are not, and to the best of my knowledge have never been, embroiled in any civil or criminal matters. Just for the record, before the paper starts flying my way. :)

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