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Facebook misogyny

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You can get your Facebook page censored for showing images of breastfeeding. But the amoral crew running Facebook had no problems at all with a page that actively promoted assaulting women.

The owner was just some giggling anonymous basement troll trying to get a rise out of feminists and their allies. But Facebook’s initial corporate response to complaints was this: a grotesque abdication of its public duty.

A blizzard of complaints later and the page was, to use Antonia Zerbisias’ term, “vaporized.” But why should it take such outpourings of energy to remove Facebook pages that cross the line into criminal incitement?

Here is Facebook’s equivocation about breastfeeding images. Juxtapose that with its response to early complaints about a page that gloatingly reproduced the famous image of a female Egyptian protester being stomped by soldiers above the slogan, “It’s OK to hit women.”

This isn’t a double standard. Unfortunately, it’s a single one.

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