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Ford rusted!

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Bye, bye, Rob. Don’t let the door…well, you know.

The judgement is here.

I declare the seat of the respondent, Robert Ford, on Toronto City Council, vacant. Recognizing that this decision will necessitate administrative changes in the City of Toronto, the operation of this declaration shall be suspended for a period of 14 days from the release of these reasons.

[H/t Omar Ha-Redeye]

UPDATE: Reaction (and I do mean reaction) pours in. My cup of Schadenfreude runneth over.

UPPERDATE: Shorter Christie Blatchford: “Laws and minimum sentences? They’re for other people.” [But Jen Gerson summed up Blatch much, much better than I just did.] Shorter Marni Soupcoff: “The law shouldn’t apply: my parking lot attendant says so!

UPPESTDATE: Michael Coren: “Democracy dies as leftists, gay militants, union thugs, political judges remove a man who got almost half the vote.”

Noted, Mr. Coren. ~The Cabal

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