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Staggering hypocrisy

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Free-market SubTV wants to force me to pay for their ill-watched extreme-right television channel.

Audience share for the failed SubTV project is presently 0.1%. The invisible boot of the marketplace has apparently made solid cheek-contact. So now, whether I choose to watch that squalid, amateurish effort or not, they’re demanding my money.

Ezra Levant, filling the airwaves with hate-slime. English Defence League booster Michael Coren. That consummate airhead Krista Erickson. Retro-dimbulb Brian Lilley and the ceaselessly stupid Menzoid, and a host of other squawking, scuttling cave-creatures. They’re all after my cash, and they’re asking the state to put the arm on me for it.

Perhaps we should simply mock these loons and move on. But their breathtaking effrontery is sufficiently irritating that I couldn’t let it pass without remark. Nor will the CRTC’s eventual call for submissions go unanswered.

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