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Two state, one state...

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no state. “Canada”—meaning the people who govern us at the moment—have taken steps to ensure that Palestinians remain helots in their own land forever.

In a little room at the United Nations, Mr. Harper skipped most of the pleasantries in a 15-minute meeting, according to sources briefed on the session, and told [Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud] Abbas he had come to deliver a message: If you keep doing what you’re doing, he said - referring to the Palestinian bid for upgraded status - “there will be consequences.”

So much for the pious claims by the Israel-right-or-wrong crowd that a two-state solution is the way out in the Middle East. No, they now say: Palestine has to negotiate statehood—with Israel.

Funny. Israel never had to negotiate statehood with anyone.

The bottom line is that the Netanyahu folks and their lockstep Canadian allies don’t really want any such thing. Expanding settlements (read: annexation) require the permanent subjugation of a captive population. This is hardly a secret—Israelis themselves know what’s what, and they aren’t ashamed to say so.

State? Lesser UN recognition? Fuggedaboutit. Just try it and “there will be consequences,” says Harper, every inch the thuggish consigliere that he is. The end of Palestinian history? Shove the Pallies onto reserves with a handful of municipal powers, and keep them poor, terrorized and dependent. Sound familiar?

UPDATE: A commenter raised a question about the photo above, claiming that the person illustrated was not wearing an Israeli uniform. Here is a photo from Hebron: check out the soldier on the left and judge for yourselves:


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