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Why Republicans suppress the vote [bumped and updated]

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From the horse’s mouth.

Watch the scuttling democracy-haters at work in Florida and Ohio today. You can be sure that Harper strategists are paying close attention.

More here, and here.

The line-ups in photographs like the one below (early Florida voters) remind me of the Black voter registration days in the deep South. The push for the right to vote encountered similar obstacles then. And we know what those obstacles were, and are today, all about.

Florida lineup 2012.jpg

UPDATE: “A new Jim Crow…You are seeing lines longer than those in Baghdad or Kabul.” And in Pennsylvania, illegal requests for photo ID from poll workers and from Republicans hanging around outside.

[H/t Charles Johnson]

ADDENDUM: Voter suppression, although it’s happening before our eyes, may not even be necessary much longer—too inefficient and backlash-creating. This long and frightening article should persuade even the most sceptical that electronic voting machines can easily be used to separate the voters from the final vote tallies. In fact, they likely already have been:

In one Ohio precinct, exit polls indicated that [Presidential candidate John] Kerry should have received 67 percent of the vote, but the certified tally gave him only 38 percent. The odds of such an unexpected outcome occurring only as a result of sampling error are 1 in 867,205,553. [emphasis added]

Welcome to the future: unmolested voters, molested votes. Not a pleasant read, but an essential one.

[H/t Antonia]

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