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Ottawa cops behaving badly--again

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At least Ottawa’s finest didn’t beat the divinity student senseless. They simply falsely arrested him and held him for nine hours. On no evidence whatsoever.

Scott Ventureyra sued, and he won. Superior Court Deputy Judge J.R. Houlahan was scathing about the police misconduct in this case, awarding the latest reported victim of Ottawa police excess $12,500 in general damages and all of his legal costs.

“There was no evidence … which connected Ventureyra to the break and enter,” the judge concluded. The police investigation, “does not stand up to the scrutiny required to support depriving a citizen of his liberty without a warrant.

“In fact, the evidence available would lead a reasonable person to conclude that Ventureyra was not the perpetrator.

…The judge noted in his reasons that Ventureyra’s clothing “did not remotely match,” a description police had of the perpetrator’s clothing.

And the judge went on:

“…I must ask myself why the several police officers who participated in the supposed investigation … and in Ventureyra’s arrest did not give evidence at trial.

“…[T]he evidence of the officers who did testify is most unreliable.

“As to the authority of a police officer to arrest a citizen going about his business, the officer must have more than a mere suspicion of the guilt of the suspect before arresting him without a warrant.”

Well, duh.

Judge Houlahan noted that Ventureyra “has developed paranoia at the sight of police.” Wrong, with respect, Your Honour. Paranoia is a delusion. This is self-preservation.

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