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Shorter Jon Kay: “We need the Sun because I’m a venal guy who doesn’t want to endanger my perks by telling the truth.” We’re talking here about Ezra Levant’s weird obsession with David Suzuki, and a “Gotcha!” that wasn’t.

In fact it wasn’t much of a “Gotcha!” even before the whole thing exploded in flames. We were told that Suzuki didn’t want a heavy “security” presence during his visit to a college, preferring something a little more disarming. At one point the request was made that security uniforms not be worn by those escorting him; and some facetime with Suzuki was promised to acknowledge their assistance.

Yup. That was it. But Ezra’s spin on this was frankly creepy. He sounds like a dirty-minded, sniggering 15-year-old. You can get the link from Jonathan Kay’s piece and read it for yourself, if only out of clinical interest.

But what a yummy cake Kay is both having and eating in the meantime. He adopts a patently insincere self-critical posture to alibi the Sub Media crowd and their goings-on, while at the same time he expresses deep disapproval of them. He righteously sends up their approach to news, but echoes their honking claims about tackling the stories the Media Party won’t dare touch, and he not-so-subtly goes along with their fiction about Suzuki. He mounts a defence of the “haters” for actually managing to get off-limits stories right once in a while—which is wildly ironic, given what just happened to the one under discussion.

At least Kay had the decency to jam an update into his column, one that pretty well renders the rest of it lifeless. But why not just spike the damn thing? Too fond, perhaps, of his self-consciously clever verbal arabesques?

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