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Still think Julian Fantino’s misuse of CIDA webspace was a mistake?

That seems less and less likely. CRA did its bit for Harper here. Now it’s the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency. My Canada doesn’t belong to Stephen Harper. Does yours?

The agency, caught by HuffPo, claims an editing error. It has amended “Harper Canada” to the “Harper Government.” That’s no better. The government of Canada is not the “Harper Government.” It’s my government, and yours. This is not—yet—a one-man dictatorship, at least formally.

But this sort of thing can no longer be considered a series of typos, in any case. “Mr Bond, they have a saying in Chicago: ‘Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.’” The Harperites will keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing, so long as no one pushes back.

This is the permanent campaign. Taxpayers are now funding the Conservative Party. Why have most of the mainstream media, briefly indignant about Julian Fantino, suddenly lost interest? Once again they have abdicated their responsibility, and Canadians are the worse off for it.

UPDATE: More of Harper’s obsessive self-love. Never forget this clinical symptom.

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