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Another brutal cop walks

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Ottawa Police Sgt. Steve Desjourdy is, not to put too fine a point upon it, a pig.

He was found not guilty of sexual assault yesterday by an Ottawa judge, who ruled that holding an already-brutalized woman down, cutting off her shirt and bra with a pair of scissors, and then throwing her in a cell for three hours, topless, with soiled pants, wasn’t worthy of any penalty at all.

I can’t add much to Professor Carissima Mathen’s sober analysis of why this judgement cries aloud for appeal. (Prediction: it won’t be.) The trial judge seemed utterly unaware of the law concerning sexual assault in Canada.

Let’s look at the facts—and then a little more closely at Desjourdy.

The woman (I gather there is a publication ban on her name in effect, although two seconds with Google will provide it) was falsely arrested, and then hauled off to the cop shop, where she was surrounded by several menacing thugs in uniform. A “special constable” named Melanie Morris jammed her hand down the front of the woman’s pants, kneed her and pulled her hair.

The woman, soiling herself in terror, began to resist. The rest is in today’s front-page report in the Ottawa Citizen. She had been charged with assault herself—that old, never-tired routine—but when a video of this gang assault surfaced, an angry judge stayed the charges against her and tore a strip off the Ottawa police.

Both the unpunished Morris and Desjourdy have form. Morris was captured on an earlier video stomping a homeless Aboriginal man “like you wouldn’t kick a dog,” in the words of yet another judge, who stayed charges against him too. (Want to know what he was charged with? Three guesses.) And their names keep coming up.

Desjourdy, just a few days before his attack on the 100-lb woman for which he was eventually charged, was involved in another incident in a police cell. He kicked a kneeling, compliant woman twice, had her stripped naked in front of him, and then Tasered her. Twice.

For this he was punished, the way rogue cops are these days:

Terence Kelly, a retired York Regional Police deputy chief who presided over the Police Services Act case, said in a report that described the incident that he gave Desjourdy what he termed a lighter sentence — three months demotion to constable — because Desjourdy showed “remorse” and pleaded guilty right away.

Now he’ll be back out patrolling the streets, serving and protecting the citizens of Ottawa. Lock up your daughters.

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