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Disqus, which is constructed from essence of Fail and forged in the fires of Mount Failboat, is currently a bit faily. Even the Disqus corporate website was a bit up-and-down. When it does come up without a 503, it tells us to get a blank comment section on our site. How inadvertently accurate. I’ve noticed that they’ve been having batch-processing problems lately that I am QUITE SURE are not client-side. Not enough capacity is surely the problem. It’s a private-sector company, so it figures. Too cheap. Unfortunately, there actually is NO blog comment solution that isn’t awful in one way or another.

DOWNDATE: Appears to be back, but one comment of mine definitely got eaten in the transition. Apologies to anyone else who lost anything. Blog comments should be nationalized.

DOWNERDATE (9:31am): Nope, back down again. I wouldn’t normally liveblog a comment reliability problem, except that I’m actually serious about nationalizing blog comments. Well, sort of. Comment ISPs ought to be forced to archive all comments and deliver them publicly to a national library or something, which would then provide alternate access to the data. The original case for this in the web-based blogosphere was the death of the simple, but relatively reliable Haloscan, whose entire comment universe suffered a death-by-corporate-takeover. Treasures were lost in its demise, such as the Journal of Online Lolcat Poetry (JOLOLCP), whose existence I can no longer prove to you…

ANOTHER DOWNERDATE (9:51am): OK, appears to be back for real. I hope.

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