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Yesterday, I implied that I couldn’t think of anything but bad things to say about Thatcher on the day of her death—-hence my rather disingenuous “dilemma” of propriety. However, I just thought of an exception, a big exception, which I will duly share with you: the Euro currency. She was absolutely right about that, totally and completely right about that. Ironically, what it meant was that Southern European countries have gotten…Thatchered.

Some of the best stuff about the problems of the Eurozone come from Der Spiegel’s Wolfgang Münchau. Unfortunately, it’s in usually-untranslated German. (He writes a column for the Financial Times, but it’s never as good as the Der Spiegel one, where he tries to persuade rather than report.) So, here’s something that should make at least one of our regulars very happy. If you don’t read German and don’t trust Google translate, he mentions the episode with Nicholas Ridley saying that the Euro was a German plot to conquer Europe. Münchau mentions that he had been outraged when he was younger and more naïve, but realizes now that Ridley was right.

So there you have it. One positive thing said about Margaret Thatcher.

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