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"A culture of accountability"

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Yeah, right

Prime Minister Stephen Harper told his Conservative caucus this morning that he’s “upset” by the conduct of some senators and members of his own staff, and asked them to uphold a “culture of accountability.”

Harper gave an address to Tory MPs and senators on Parliament Hill, his first public comments on the Senate spending scandal, but did not mention any names and did not take questions from the media, who were invited into the meeting. [emphasis added]

This is Watergate repeating itself, but not, this time, as farce, although it has its farcical elements. As in Watergate, Harpergate began with something of less than major importance: a burglary then, padded expense accounts now. But the same dismal cast of characters is emerging, drawing attention inexorably to the CEO. Once again, damage control is more damage than control.

Nigel Wright as Haldeman? Benjamin Perrin as Ehrlichman? Could Bruce Carson prove to be a less effective J. Gordon Liddy? Will pliant Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson, who has the Duffy/Wright deal in her possession* at the moment, be the new Rose Mary Woods?

Feel free to add to the list.

We already have a number of Deep Throats, it appears. All we need now is the revelation that Harper is an obsessive self-bugger, and that’s not entirely beyond the bounds of possibility.

Watergate buffs: no spoilers, please. We’re glued to the screen here.


[H/t Rafferty Baker]

* UPDATE: Document? What document?

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