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Journamalism: @Josh_Wingrove

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Here’s the entirety of what Globe & Mail cub reporter Josh Wingrove had to say about our pro-choice counter-demo on Parliament Hill yesterday:

The crowd drew 10,000 to 12,000 people, RCMP said. That included a much smaller group of pro-choice protesters who left early after the request of police.

The implication is clear: we were being unruly, or posed some kind of a threat. The truth is that the group was re-deploying in advance of the anti-choice march that was soon to begin.

This was pointed out to Wingrove, but he’s hanging in there, insisting that he heard a police sergeant telling us to skedaddle.

In fact interaction with the police was good, and, as proof of that, there weren’t too many of them around. We were separated by a double fence from the anti-choice demonstrators in any case. The planned march, however, would have taken the anti-choicers right past us on an unbarricaded flank.

The police gave a heads-up before the march from the Hill actually began so that they wouldn’t have to put up a new barricade, effectively trapping us on the Hill. But that’s not the implication in Wingrove’s statement.

I Tweeted that he should do some basic fact-checking. He blocked me.

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