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My, the embattled government leader in the Senate Marjory LeBreton has a way with words, doesn’t she? One might almost imagine her back is to the wall.

Only the most desperate, flailing, sweaty political hack, after all, could seriously argue that a colleague caught by the media waist-deep in the enormous Senate cookie-jar and getting the matter whitewashed afterwards demonstrates openness and accountability. The Senator’s stagey wrath, however, was a reaction to the unpleasant fact that the Parliamentary Press Gallery, whose members snoozed their way through the last seven years while their masters editorially endorsed Stephen Harper in three elections, finally woke up angry a few days ago.

Since then, we have seen a dramatic volte-face: column after column of soaring indignation, thundering (well, mildly rumbling) editorials in the True Blue press, and ace reporting led by Robert Fife of CTV, who broke the story in the first place, and is still breaking it. More or less in lockstep as always, the PPG has U-turned with a vengeance, acting like the proverbial woman scorned. When you lose loyal footsoldiers like John Ibbitson and John Ivison (well, Ivison still clings to a straw of hope), you are in deep, deep doo-dah.

Meanwhile, the stain spreads. Denial is beginning to sound more and more like a backhanded confession. And, pace the NDP with its “Roll Up The Red Carpet” campaign, the focus should no longer be on the Senate. The honourable Senators, slurping and wallowing on the public dime, are an annoyance, to be sure, but in the grand scheme of things they are (to use Harper’s own word) a distraction.

The coverup is the thing: the political hubris that imagines its own invincibility, that confronts problems with sleazy, quite likely illegal, backroom deals and personal cheques. Everyone remembers Nixon, and his ignominious political end. But can anyone name the Watergate burglars?

Capet, not carpet, please. Rev up the tumbrils.

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