Racist soup kitchens and the great disappointment

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One more quick hit before our illustrious bloglord, surely recovering now from jet lag and Italian food coma, takes back the reins for good and all. I agreed to keep the blog active while the bloglord was away, thinking that I would manage to crank out maybe 3-4 posts over that period. Heroically, if I may say so myself, I managed quite a bit more than that, the longest bloggy streak in a long time for me, but really, I don’t know how Dawg does it. I’ll still be around, of course, but not nearly at that pace!

So now: Ilana Glazer, one of David Frum’s co-bloggers, is rightly concerned with the on-going fascification of Greece, what with the Golden Dawn business. One of the things that Golden Dawn does is set up soup kitchens where the ethnicity of the recipient is specifically checked. The symbolism is profound. To set up a charity service specifically for the purpose of turning away the needy members of the out-group is to say, “I would kill you if I could, so go starve to death.”

For Greeks, the apparent ongoing indifference of the rest of Europe to the Greek plight and the stubborn insistence on austerity, the destruction of the Cypriot economy, and so on, must seem an injustice on a cosmic level — more than merely the economic suffering. Contemporary Greek nationalism is heavily predicated on a “We are too the heirs of Ancient Greece” dynamic. The EU was supposed to be the consummation of the values handed down by Ancient Athens — allegedly (minus the slavery and the confinement of women and all that). Greek membership is its final completion. So to be brought low by the indifferent and yet historically junior northern powers in the midst of this brotherhood of Europeanosity, well, how unbearable it must be. Perhaps there is no such actual unit as “European Civilization”, and there never really was.

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