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Journamalism: the pimping of Justin Trudeau

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The Canadian Press is at it again.* “Premier Wynne and Justin Trudeau attend Pride church services ahead of parade,” the hed informs us, and it’s the same hed everywhere you go. The Liberal Premier of Ontario and the leader of the third party in the House of Commons are onside.

Where’s Thomas Mulcair?

Oh, the Leader of the Opposition will be there too. But those who scan news headlines would be left wondering why the NDP leader wasn’t involved.

Corporate media bias, this time made comically blatant. Nice when they so directly make our case.

[H/t Pope Shakey]

* UPDATE: Dr. Dawg gets results! (Just kidding.) But the hed did change here and there as the day wore on, to “Ontario premier, party leaders march in Toronto Pride Parade amid adoring crowd” (with no change of permalink). Not everywhere, though.

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