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Manitoba government SLAPPs First Nations

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This is seriously upsetting. I’d expect this kind of thing from a Conservative government—kind of goes with the territory. But from my party? NDP Premier Greg Selinger has a lot to answer for.

First Nations communities continue to be homeless because they were flooded out in 2011. They had no control over the water diversion that led to this. They’re suing, for rather obvious reasons, as would you if your government flooded your home and then just abandoned you.

So the Manitoba government, instead of trying to fix the problem—decided to sue them back.

Suing the federal government? Why not? The feds were responsible, once upon a time, for sticking First Nations reserves on flood plains in the first place (see: Attawapiskat). But suing the displaced First Nations for being flooded?

What a macabre sense of humour Premier Selinger seems to have. But the First Nations affected aren’t laughing, and neither am I.

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