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The rule of law: Canada, 2013

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In Canada, it appears, RCMP officers can now jimmy your lock and enter your home without a warrant, rifle through the contents (no pun intended), and make off with what they like.

The Mounties barricaded the town of High River, refusing to permit flooded-out residents to check on their homes even in areas where the water had subsided. Then they effectively looted the homes, seizing legally held firearms from scores of them.

“It’s just like Nazi Germany,” one displaced resident shouted. I can forgive him his hyperbole, under the circumstances.

But speaking of Nazis…

White supremacists were draining the kegs last night, cheering the passage of Bill C-304 in the Senate, a measure that will legalize hate speech in Canada. They’ve been chomping at the bit for some time now, first as Liberal Keith Martin tried to do the job, and then when Conservative backbencher Brian Storseth set his not-so-secretly government-backed private member’s bill on its track.

The news was welcomed as well by the bigot-enablers at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

There will be those, of course, who argue that “real courts,” not administrative tribunals, should be the ones to protect minorities from hateful public slobbering. But the relevant Criminal Code provisions have already been effectively neutered. To enforce them requires the consent of the provincial or territorial Attorney General, and even in open-and-shut cases, that consent is withheld.

There are at this point no protections left for communities publicly victimized by hatemongers. None.

Ah, says Storseth, “these types of groups” (read: “you people”) will get protection under a “buffed up” Criminal Code. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were a member of a group targeted by the now-unleashed hatemongers. In fact, if any such buffing actually appears on the Fall legislative agenda, I’ll eat a bug.

The bottom line? Public expression of hatred against minorities is now legal in Canada. What an impressive achievement by those who rule us, as we head into our Canada Day celebrations.

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