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This made disquieting reading. Then I came across this—an account of a sociopath by a sociopath. Here’s more, in her own words.

And I realized during this idle reading that I actually knew one. In fact I spent time with her until a bad split more than a year ago. Since then, she’s been stalking me on Twitter.

I touched on this in an earlier blogpost. Since then, I’ve been accused of plagiarism, stalking, mental illness and incestuous behaviour. (The plagiarism charge really stung.) Oh, and I’m allegedly a sociopath myself: “Vile, bellowing, toxic sociopaths w chronically ill or dead exes and ex-friends who shun them should take hard looks in the mirror.”

Sweet. My first spouse has IBS and asthma. My second, the love of my life, died of pancreatic cancer. But the literature does suggest that weak impulse control is a hallmark of sociopathy.

Here are some other elements. First and foremost, a beguiling charm:

[A] primary characteristic of sociopathy. The intense charm of people who have no conscience, a kind of inexplicable charisma, has been observed and commented on by countless victims, and by researchers who attempt to catalog the diagnostic signs of sociopathy. It is a potent characteristic.

Additional characteristics: Unusually strong and intense eye contact. Often highly intelligent. Manipulative. Transgressive. Dishonest. Narcissistic (the individual in question once told me that her primary relationship was with herself). Remorseless.

The condition can not be treated or cured.

I wish this “ex-friend” would shun me, in fact. Alas, it is not to be. Sociopaths are vengeful and unrelenting. Cross them and you’ll be in their sights forever.

There is some thought that the condition may be neurological. I find that too reductive, difficult to accept as a fully satisfactory explanation. The anti-social, after all, implies the social, which is anything but fixed. Could the syndrome be socially generated? Are some societies more conducive to sociopathic behaviour than others?

Somehow I don’t have the energy to do the massive literature search that answering these and related questions would require. My current research is far more interesting, and much less unsettling than such an investigation would likely prove to be.

I could tell the world who this person is, and even post a photo, but it would do no good. Another characteristic of sociopaths, as it turns out, is that they are completely fearless. So this annoying but relatively harmless behaviour (so far) is just a part of the environmental buzz that I shall have to live with.

I’m just glad I don’t own a pet rabbit.

[H/t Paisley Rae]

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