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Mann bites Dogs

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Things have been pretty quiet on the climate front recently. As suspected, unless fueled with something like stolen e-mails or a cold snap, the people who deny the science can not keep up their attacks. While there was a public downturn over the last few years (it is hard to worry about global warming when you are worrying about putting food on the table), public support is rising. While not particularly interesting, the science continues to fill in and keeps getting stronger.

However, one interesting little fight has been going on in the courts over the last year. In 2012, some people said some fairly disgusting things about Dr. Michael Mann (the person who those who deny science love to hate), disgusting enough for Dr. Mann to sue The National Review Online and Mark Steyn along with the Competitive Enterprise Institute. The first line of defense by the NRO and the CEI was to attempt to have the charges dismissed because the comments were opinion, not fact. Last week, the Judge turned down that line of argument - hard. You can read about it at various sources if interested. Essentially then Mann can proceed with his lawsuit and based on what the judge said he has a case.

However, to me the amusing part is how quickly NRO was willing to throw the CEI under the bus. To quote from the NRO filing,

Similarly, National Review and Steyn did not criticize Plaintiff’s scientific research for years, as CEI did.
I am also interested in seeing how disclosure will work for all this. Since CEI and NRO claimed their piece was opinion and not based on fact, can they now claim that it is based on fact (and they were just kidding with the courts) so they need to see all the secret e-mails? This is not going to be over quickly but I am going to be eating a lot of popcorn while it happens!

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