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Right-left immigration mash-up

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Immigrant David Suzuki says Canada is “full,” offering a superb imitation of far-right nativism—if imitation it is.

Jason Kenney, currying favour as usual within immigrant communities (pun very much intended), denounces Suzuki from the left. Then Ottawa Citizen columnist Robert Sibley looses a volley against Kenney from the right. Justin Trudeau, adrift in a policy swamp as usual, refuses to be critical of Suzuki, going after the Harper government instead for “choosing to pick fights whenever it possibly can”—this at a function hosted by the Filipino community. Meanwhile Environment Minister Joe Oliver rebukes Suzuki, reminding him that Canada is a “nation of immigrants.”

Good grief, it’s like everyone is wearing everybody else’s clothes.

May we shortly expect to hear Suzuki ranting about his “precious bodily fluids” while Kenney praises Trudeau père for his far-sighted immigration policies (and denounces Trudeau fils for being untrue to his father’s legacy)?

On the immigration issue itself, here’s a pretty solid rebuttal of Suzuki’s unfathomably bizarre comments. But the almost comical confusion of ideologies in this affair, some of it feigned, some of it less easy to explain, is simply remarkable.

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