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With the child pornographers

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…or at least, as of tomorrow, and I’m counting the minutes, Victor Toews will no longer be with the government.

Truly the most appalling person in Stephen Harper’s cabinet, and that’s no small competition, Toews’ public life—defending the use of torture, trying to implement massive intrusive surveillance of Canadian citizens, actively discriminating against non-Christians, given to bouts of petty cruelty on whim—is matched only by his disgraceful private life. This standard-bearer for conservative “family values” proved to be an arch-hypocrite, having sex with his teenage babysitter and, in general, seemingly unable to keep it in his pants.

Everything that is weak and foul and disgusting and plain creepy is summed up in this man. We’re well rid of him. Don’t let the door smack your butt on the way out, Vic. It’s got a stiff spring.

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